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Hike for Healing is an annual hike promoting ongoing awareness to strive towards healing of divisions. Why? Because humanity is imperfect. Racism, inequity, cultural insensitivities, social injustices, and even subtle prejudices are quite real and unfortunately play a role in everyday life. These are not political problems, these are human problems. Your own experiences may not be that of others, but everyone has a story. There are many steps leading toward change, and healing must be a part of the process. This is why this hike...  a hike for healing. Simply ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away and change does not happen overnight; it takes action from all of us to create a better, informed, and more accepting world. Hopefully, we can together begin to examine ourselves and our own prejudices, remove barriers, and appreciate differences. We must learn the important distinction between simply being nonracist versus being intentionally antiracist. Join the hike - the Hike for Healing.


Your support is vastly appreciated in this endeavor and there are many ways you can support. Encouragement, prayers, monetary, sponsoring or staffing a resupply/aid station - all are needed and all are appreciated. More than anything, you can Join the Hike by simply having a conversation with the people in your life - healing begins with a conversation.


For those that wish to support monetarily, please visit our webstore or you may simply donate below. Your purchase of a t-shirt or other merch directly supports Hike for Healing and all proceeds go to aid organizations that help to foster ongoing conversations and promote racial healing and equity. Merch purchased from the webstore are great conversation starters!​


For any purchase or donation, the contributor will be mentioned in the video for Hike for Healing as a supporter (an excellent option for organizations!). ​Finally, you can Join the Hike by literally hiking with us - all are welcome! For more information or to register, click on the appropriate button for the upcoming events below... there are options for hikers of all skill levels to participate. ​

No upcoming events at the moment


All proceeds go to support Hike for Healing and other non-profit organizations that help to foster ongoing conversation and promote racial healing and equity.

All who contribute will be mentioned on the Hike for Healing video. Feel free to add a comment, or encouraging thought along with your donation. Thank you for your support!

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